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Help Santa light the Christmas Tree with Christmas Tale
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Christmas Tale is a game that includes a series of logic puzzles. It's Christmas and you are commissioned to help Santa Claus to light all the Christmas trees, avoiding the obstacles he may face. You can use all the resources at hand, namely Christmas gift boxes, ice cubes and secret doors. For example, you can pile up several boxes and cubes for reaching a secret door that conducts you directly to the tree. It sounds pretty simple, but it has its difficulties. First, you can carry only one box at a time, and you can't move any of them if two or more are vertically or horizontally aligned after you have moved one of them. Also, the ice cubes cant' be carried, but you have to push them so they slip away. Once an ice cube has reached its place, you can't move it either. For all those reasons, you need to use your brain fully to avoid getting trapped between boxes and cubes. In many cases, you will need to move all the boxes for reaching the only box you need to reach the next level. All in all, it is an entertaining and challenging game. You can try it by downloading the demo version at the developer's site. In this version, you can play only 8 of the 30 levels included in the full version. If you want to purchase the complete version of the game, you can do so by clicking on the "Register" command in the main menu. Also, you can complete the form included in the Christmas Tale folder.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Interesting, challenging


  • Gets repetitive with time
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